Occupational Health: Core Areas involving Knowledge and Competence, Element 4

Environmental Health Operations

The OH nurse, specially in those organizations, including SME’s, who may don’t you have a designated environmental wellbeing manager, can advise the firm on simple measures to cut the application of natural resources, minimize your production of waste, promote re-cycling and make certain that environmental health management lies on every organizations schedule.

The OH nurse could also find appropriate specialists of their locations to advice or take care of environmental health management. The occupational health nurse can provide by taking these issues forward inside absence of other authorities.

Adviser to management along with staff on issues in connection with workplace health management.

OH nurses involved throughout workplace health management is often asked to act while advisers to management and staff for the development of workplace wellbeing policies and practices, which enable it to fulfill an advisory role by doing, such as, health along with safety committee meetings, wellbeing promotion meetings, and could possibly be called upon to supply independent advice to managers or workers who may have specific concerns over health related risks.

As a liaison for you to other external health as well as social agencies.

OH nurses act in the advisory role when seeing people and also require problems that, whilst ultimately related to work may possibly affect future work attendance or performance. The nurse may be involved in advising people to seek the advice of their own family doctor or doctor, or other external agency which might be better placed to aid anybody.

Health educator & Wellbeing Promotor.

Health education among the key prerequisites of business office health promotion is integral element of the OH nurses’ position. In some countries the nurse needs to support activities for adoption in the healthy lifestyles within on-going wellbeing promotion process, as well as experience health and safety pursuits. OH nurses can accomplish a needs assessment for health promotion from the company, prioritize activities throughout consultation with management along with workers, develop and prepare right interventions, deliverer co-ordinate the supply of health promotion strategies which enable it to play a valuable position in evaluating the delivery and achievements in the health promotion strategy.


In the small as well as medium-sized company the occupational health nurse would be the only health care professional present quite often and they can support people working there in dealing with mental health and work-related strain. For many people your occupational health nurse, working with the company level, may be the first point of hitting the ground with health care providers along with these nurses can do much to make certain people are referred on the right agency.

Health Requires Assessor

A specialist OH nurse will likely need to be well skilled throughout undertaking a nurse-based wellbeing needs assessment at the two individual and the organizational amount. This type of assessment works extremely well as the basis pertaining to individual case management as well as occupational health program arranging. OH nurses may employ research based skills in doing the assessment, in handling your data generated in the review and in interpreting the final results and advising management acting as being a member of the multidisciplinary crew.

Evidence Based Practitioner

Increasingly all medical providers are using evidence based procedure for practice that requires the professional to look for the best available home elevators which to base his or her practice. Occupational health the medical staff are skilled in browsing the literature, reviewing the research available, which may be available as practice guidelines or standards, and applying these guidance documents in a very practical situation.

Occupational health nurses must be well skilled in presenting the research, identifying gaps in latest knowledge, and allowing others to examine critically the implementation of care plans determined by their assessment of the research.


The most widely used and accepted way of investigation into occupational similar ill-health and disease will depend on large-scale epidemiological studies. Occupational health nurses really should become familiar with your principles and basic methods employed in epidemiology.

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