Increase In Florida Medical insurance Pre-Existing Condition Plan Enrollees

In accordance with a report released not too long ago, approximately 4, 000 of Florida’s sickest uninsured inhabitants have enrolled and started receiving benefits inside the new health insurance program of the government.

What Is This Pre-Existing Condition Insurance coverage All About?

Nationwide, roughly 49, 000 people are enjoying some great benefits of this new health insurance policy program sponsored by the government. This new health insurance program is made by the Patient Defense and Affordable Care Act to help individuals who have been without any kind of health insurance coverage for no less than six months or are already denied coverage because of pre-existing condition. This federal medical insurance program is called the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance coverage or PCIP for quick.

This is a temporary program intended to give assistance to people who have health problems. It allows them to obtain the health coverage they deserve while they watch for the full implementation with the health care reform legislation in 2014. Beginning inside 2014, insurance companies will not be allowed to demand higher rates or deny someone health coverage because of pre-existing condition as mandated for legal reasons. People with pre-existing conditions also can join the state-based medical insurance exchange for individuals and small enterprises to get affordable Florida medical insurance premiums.

The health care reform act gave the states the authority to generate their own pre-existing problem plans. However, since Florida and 22 other states failed to establish their own PCIP, these states have become part of a federal government plan. The PCIP system was allotted $5 thousand in federal funds. Yet, this is not adequate so individuals will still must pay hefty premiums.

What Florida Health Insurance PCIP Means For many who Joined The Federal System?

For some people who enrolled in a PCIP plan just like Kathleen Watson, 50, who runs a tiny medical transport business inside Lake City, the program meant that she today got “excellent insurance. inches After her husband started to be disabled in 2004, she lost her medical care coverage because she cannot stay under her husband’s employer-provided Florida health program. She couldn’t get anybody Florida healthcare policy because she has some health problem that contains non-Hodgkin lymphoma (cancer with the lymph nodes). Watson said she attempted to settle her medical bills. Nonetheless, this only resulted inside their finances hitting rock-bottom.

Extremely common for Florida insurance companies to reject the effective use of people with medical issues. Because of the fact they pose a better financial risk.

When the PCIP program started couple of years ago, she couldn’t afford to cover the $700-plus monthly premiums that come with it. Fortunately, the government cut premiums by 50 percent a year ago. That was the reason why she surely could afford it. In Come july 1st, she paid $363 each month for her PCIP that allowed her to obtain the medical treatments she necessary and couldn’t have afforded on her own.

As of 12 , 31, 2011 in California, 3, 736 people are covered by this plan. This number represents lower than one-tenth of the one percent with the 3. 8 million uninsured inhabitants in Florida. According to be able to Steve Larsen, a deputy administrator with all the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, he said the national participation of uninsured Americans inside the PCIP program increased by 400 percent from your first to the next year. He is expecting that numbers help keep on rising.

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